Certified Fitness Specialist & Sports Nutritionist

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Jade Osborne! I'm a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist, with a holistic approach to health & wellness.


I am a single mother of four beautiful daughters, and a mumsie (grandma) to Baby P.


I have been training for 7 years, and quickly discovered early on, that I had a strong passion and desire to help others! It started with wanting to educate people how to properly fuel thier bodies, and has developed into a complete wellness project. 


Helping my clients have a healthy relationship with food and find balance in all areas of life are my top two goals. I have lived a very unbalanced life, missing out on family and friends because I was so strict with my diet... and for what? I can't remember what my body looked like back then. But, I can remember pushing people away and missing out on making memories. 


I have recently returned from some adventures abroad, that have given me even more perspective on balance and wellness. Fitness is now a part of my life, it is not my life. I would be so happy to share my knowledge, experience and passion for wellness with you!


If I can help one person, my heart is full!



I strive to transform lives MIND, BODY & SPIRIT!