Certified Fitness Specialist & Sports Nutritionist

Basic Nutrition Plan

120.00 USD

For those already familiar with or interested in flexible dieting, macros will be given for a span of a 4-week period, based on client's goals and needs. This method can be used for weight loss, reverse dieting, establishing a healthy intake and increasing lean body mass. For those that are looking for a full menu of daily meals to guide ones who are not familiar with macronutrient counting, but would like guidance to reach their health and fitness goals I can design a (single) meal plan for each week that fits your lifestyle. (one-time fee, not coached)

Additional info

•Customized macronutrient intake (protein, carb, fat requirements per day) •Optimized Nutrient timing •Flexible dieting (IIFYM) OR Meal Plan •Carb cycling available for suitable clients •Re-feeds (carb increase) during dieting cycles for suitable clients •Reverse dieting post caloric deficit to help maintain body composition •Meal guide suited to your lifestyle and macronutrients SUPPLEMENT GUIDE •Recommendations to help improve health and optimize results