Certified Fitness Specialist & Sports Nutritionist

12-Week Nutrition Coaching

400.00 USD

Individualized nutrition write-up, with weekly check-ins and unlimited access to Jade for the length of your program. For those already familiar with or interested in flexible dieting, macros will be adjusted during weekly check-ins, based on client's goals and needs. This method can be used for weight loss, reverse dieting, establishing a healthy intake and increasing lean body mass. For those that are looking for a full menu of daily meals to guide ones who are not familiar with macronutrient counting, but would like guidance to reach their health and fitness goals I can design a meal plan and create mini goals that will help you to reach your desired goals, and that fits your lifestyle. (3 month commitment)

Additional info

•Customized macronutrient intake (protein, carb, fat requirements per day) •Optimized Nutrient timing •Flexible dieting (IIFYM) OR Meal Plan •Carb cycling available for suitable clients •Re-feeds (carb increase) during dieting cycles for suitable clients •Reverse dieting post caloric deficit to help maintain body composition •Meal guide suited to your lifestyle and macronutrients SUPPLEMENT GUIDE •Recommendations to help improve health and optimize results Recommendations to help improve health (gut, blood pressure, cholesterol etc) and optimize results Stress reduction methods when needed as well as a holistic approach mind and body for total wellness. EMAIL/INSTANT MESSAGE SUPPORT •Mandatory weekly email updates are required every Saturday •Prompt replies from me to answer any question you may have •Changes/alterations made to programs as needed Once payment and paperwork is received, allow up to 3 days for your program to be designed. During the weeks that we work together, I need a commitment from you that you will respond promptly when I email/text you with questions in regards to your program. In return, I offer you the same level of commitment, and promise to respond promptly to all of your questions and concerns. This is a joint effort. I will be here to encourage and help you along the way, but you need to be ready to commit to making a change and learning new habits in order to make this successful!